Thursday, July 14, 2011

Water tattoo design to die for

Water, as an element is the said to represent the Feminine and considered as a powerful force for change. And that’s one of the reasons why water tattoo design is counted as an extra ordinary tattoo. It represents the inner strength, but is soft at the top. Getting a water tattoo designs, where the picture of water is very prominent is too popular across a wide variety of tattoo genres. I don’t need the usage of blue color time and again to have a water tattoo, rather it’s white color waves gives you a feeling of strength in the tattoo. Generally it’s considered that dragon tattoos have a dangerous looks. So, let me tell you that Water dragons are supposed to be the most serene out of all. Way back in history, there are four basic elements of world , earth, water, fire, and air. And water being so powerful, with beautiful colors is always loved by the tattoo lovers. Talking about Japan and China, the water is represented by Koi and Carp. Asian tattooing often features water and waves as a motif. 

For Hibiscus Flower Tattoo addicts

Flower tattoos have always been in demand because of the variety of colors that it has to offer and of course of its delicate symbolism as well. The delicate and beautiful colors of hibiscus flower tattoo have always been loved by the tattoo lovers. The design is not limited unlike religious tattoo designs. Rather the designs can be created as per choice. Actually, these can be easily modified by the makers and can be used by one to show his/her creativity. The color combination again plays an important role as the combination defines the persona of an individual who is being inked upon. Further these tattoos have always reflected one’s personality; it shows what type of traits an individual carries. For an example, I would love to ink a rose along with some butterflies and vines, which will ultimately enhance the beauty of my tattoo. For Hibiscus flower tattoo, this belongs to Hawaiian tattoo art, which off course an ultimate tattoo art.

Get inked with religious tattoo sleeves


Getting tattoo sleeves are the coolest thing which is available for the tattoo lovers right now. For now, the tattoo sleeves are just not available with the celtic sleeves but your religious feeling now can also take a shape of a tattoo. And this choice of yours might be fulfilled by religious tattoo sleeves. Actually, tattoos are a mode to express your feelings or say, your emotions to the outer world. It’s said that out of the thousands of tattoos, religious tattoos are loved by the most.
Evidence in history is a proof of it, in 1891, a mummy was discovered which had tattoos all over its arms, legs & underneath the belly button. Hence the relationship is evident that getting inked on sleeves was there in early years as well. Even today we find people opting in for spiritual tattoos without being a religious leader or a priest.

A tattoo tribute to Michaael Jackson!


June 25th’ 09 was the most shocking day for all the Michael Jackson fans as it was that bad day which came with the news of ‘King of Pop’ being dead. Meet someone who has actually proved his fascination by getting a Jackson tattoo. Jackson’s signature ‘anti-gravity lean’ is a great tattoo done by Lokesh Verma of Devilz Tattooz. Paying a tribute to a legend, this tattoo and Jackson aficionado has really proved his admiration! Jackson you’ll be remembered forever!

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